Saturday, January 22, 2011

Forever Blissful

It's my wedding anniversary! Six years and still madly in love with each other.

Hey, The Hubby, can I tell you how incredibly blessed I am to have you as my eternal companion? You've shown me how much I can love myself by how much you love me. You've shown me how to be good and kind and patient and gentle. Never give up on me, baby, because the best is yet to come.

I love you!

Oh, and stay tuned. This is officially my 100th blog post, and I'm planning a give-a-way, so stay tuned for the next post!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not a Baby Anymore

BuggaBoo, you are getting to be such a big boy!

You turned three this last December, and you have my deepest apologies for that cake. My excuse is life was super crazy and you at least got to pick the boxed mix and the can of frosting. Why was I not surprised when you picked sprinkles?

It seems not that long ago I was in the tub, excited to meet my first little one. We didn't even know you were a boy!

Yours was a leisurely pregnancy, going three weeks late, which ended in a leisurely labor, three days warming up and then a 12 hours "sprint" to the end. You were born four minutes before midnight, the day before my Grandpa's birthday.

You were 8 pounds, 9 ounces, 21.5 inches long. Your head was 14.25 inches, and perfectly round (ouch!) You gave my Mom a scare by not breathing for the first two minutes, but you perked right up. You nursed like a champ after we settled into bed, although looking at the pictures I can tell I had a lot to learn about breastfeeding.

Your birth was perfect and amazing and taught me not to be afraid. Your birth made me a mommy. I really can't believe you're three already. Thank you for being my baby. Thank you for being my son.

I look forward to many more years and many more moments with you. I love you.

-Your Mommy

Monday, January 3, 2011

Obligatory Resolution Post

Plus, happy 'blogoversary' to me! I totally spaced it and was reminded by Caroline today over at Church Sexy.

So, join me as I recap the year and fuss over my resolutions. It will probably be fun.

Have a productive garden

We started off with a bang, but then there was too much rain at the beginning which made a large portion of our garden bolt due to drowning. That was a bummer. We didn't use nearly as much produce as we wanted to. But we learned a few tips from last year, such as storing our Jerusalem artichokes in the ground and started our peas in January, which results in a longer crop. One thing that I did NOT learn was to pick my tomatoes before the fall rains begin, no matter how green they may be. I had a lot of mush this year. Oh well, there's always next season, right?

Start a Montessori program with my son

Yeah, not so much. But I'm finding out I don't really need to do this if I don't want to. Meaning, BuggaBoo's knowledge is growing and leaps and bounds just by living and interacting with us, the parents. I find it easier to follow his curiosity in the moment, and I hardly have time to sit down to do crafty stuff. So learning is happening, just not the Montessori way.

Stop caring so much what other people think

I think I deserve a gold medal for this. I've been working very hard on my personal growth and I've done very well. I'm learning to be more honest with my feelings, wants, needs, and expectations instead of getting mad all the time. I used to not share those things with people because I thought it would make them think poorly of me. I've also become a more patient mother because I think of how my children need to be parented, not how other people "need" me to parent my children.

Be out of debt by the end of the year

We were so close. We have $1,500 to pay off and then we'll be done. We paid $6,500 off in one year. Not bad! One of our major money setbacks was a surprise wedding. Not surprise in the way you're thinking, stop that. My sister-in-law met an amazing man earlier this year and they were married in December. Thing was, it was my family's turn for Christmas, so we weren't expecting on going down to California this year. We opted for renting a car, but the whole vacation took a big chunk of change.

The other money setback was The Hubby some C's this year in his courses. That's not bad at all, but his work won't reimburse school expenses unless he has B's or better. But I'm happy he passed his classes, no complaints from me.

We expect to have our debt paid off by April of this year.

Eat healthier

The last half of this year was in the toilets as far as healthy eating is concerned. Too much fast food, much too much. I let my kefir grains die. So, I'm cleaning up my act. The Hubby and I made a pact of no more fast food, but if we realllllly have to eat out (HAVE TO) we'll choose Taco Bell. Why Taco Bell? Well, they have filling cheap vegan food (Fresco Bean Burrito for $0.99), but they're pretty gross after a while so it'll hopefully cut down on our eating out.

On to happier things, Doozer can now drink out of a straw, so I'm going to start making green smoothies again and get her acclimated to them. And BuggaBoo has hit his Picky Threes, but we're learning that if we make eating a little more fun then mealtimes are more enjoyable for everyone. Today I told BuggaBoo that eating certain food would make him uncontrollably make sound effects. Sweet potatoes would make you honk, kale was "beep beep", onions were "auoooogah", noodles were "squeak!", and garlic was making raspberries with his tongue. Lotsa fun.

Sew more

I didn't do too bad with this one. I was able to finish my matron-of-honor dress...the day of the wedding. Still good! I finished Patternmaking for Fashion Design I and I'm starting PFD II on the 12th. Very fun!

Keep a blog

Well, it was kept. Not as often as I would like, and I still have so many pictures to share with you guys, but altogether a success.


So, how was your year in 2010? Any new resolutions? Any insights? I hope the year was great for you, it was (mostly) wonderful for me.



Seis. VI. The number after five. What does this have to do with my life? At this point, nearly everything.

Six is the number of teeth Doozer is trying to cut all at once. Three molars, two canines, and an incisor. Never mind that she already has seven of those little buggers, she decided that she needs six more stat. And they are causing her a world of hurt, let me tell you.

Our usual go to, Hyland's teething tablets, have been voluntarily recalled by the company due to FDA pressure. Our next faithful companion, calcarea phosphorica, is not working well enough on it's own. So I am borrowing an amber teething necklace from my good friend and that seems to be taking a lot of the pain away.

If it gets much worse I'm gonna break down and buy some baby Tylenol, but I really don't want to. But I'm pretty happy right now, because between the amber, the calcerea phosphorica, and munching on frozen blueberries (THAT'S going to be a fun diaper tomorrow) the pain seem to be dulled enough to save Doozer's and my sanity. I know it seems a bit wacky, how does a rock help teething pain? Well, I didn't know either, so I looked it up and ran across some great info on it. Basically when the amber lays on the skin it releases an oil that boosts healing in the body. How cool is that?

But the necklace does make her look like an Amazon baby.