Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm Crossing My Fingers!

I really shouldn't be posting this all over the internetz, I know I'm jinxing myself, but I just couldn't stop myself!

For the last four days I've been dosing my family with cod liver oil. We're using Nordic Naturals Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil, which I've since learned isn't the best you can buy. A better pick would be a high-vitamin cod liver oil, or even better better, a fermented cod liver oil.

Anyways, so we've been taking this stuff. It's not too bad, it's been stripped of all it's fishy flavor, so to me it's like swallowing a teaspoon of oil. Which I am, but it's not a pleasant sensation. BuggaBoo and Doozer take half a teaspoon and love it. BuggaBoo says it tastes like lemonade and Doozer cries when I put the bottle back in the fridge.

ANYWAYS, to the important part. Today the Hubby and I were running around town with the kids, having fun (since he turned 30 today, Happy Birthday!), when I noticed that something very familiar wasn't with us.

Doozer wasn't wheezing.

She hasn't wheezed all day.

So, yes, I may be jinxing the whole thing, I may need to knock on wood. But I hope this stays. She needs this to work.

It would be so wonderful. I'm so very excited.


I am not being paid to endorse any of these products. I am not a doctor, so you will need to consult an actual doctor to get official health advice. You may also notice that cod liver oil is not vegetarian, but that is for another day.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


We are in the new house. We've been here 12 days.

We are not settled yet.

It took us a week to find the box with the silverware. Or better put, the stainless steelware.

Hell is untangling and enormous pile of plastic hangers.

Just saying.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Conversations Over Doughnuts

The scene opens with the family making a dinner of doughnuts. I have no shame...

Me: Do you want some of this apple fritter, BuggaBoo?

BuggaBoo: No, I'm eating this one (motions to his old-fashioned doughnut)

Me: Oh, do you like that one?

BuggaBoo: Yeah! It tasteses like....mustaches.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Neverending Fun!

Doozer is now sick. At least I was able to grab a nap today with the kiddos. *sigh*

Monday, March 14, 2011

We Interrupt this Packing...

With an interlude of illness. BuggaBoo started burning a fever last night, and he's still warm this morning with aches and pains. I'm pretty sure it's the flu, since everyone around us besides myself and Doozer have had it.

When asked what he wanted to do today, he replied, "I want to nurse on Mommy in bed." How can I deny such a sweet request? So I'm going to do my best to ignore all the packing that still needs to be done, and count my blessings that The Hubby has neither work nor school today. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Update! Quickly Now...

Okay, so we're moving to a new place on the 15th. Crazy, I know! We've been super busy with packing our life into boxes, which in turn has led us to the realization that we have way too much crap. So we've been trying to purge, which makes me feel exalted and apprehensive at the same time.

And since nearly every single one of those sentences requires a post of their own, this is where I'm bowing out. Wish us luck!