Sunday, March 27, 2011


We are in the new house. We've been here 12 days.

We are not settled yet.

It took us a week to find the box with the silverware. Or better put, the stainless steelware.

Hell is untangling and enormous pile of plastic hangers.

Just saying.


  1. This sounds weird, but when we move, I do not take anything off of hangers, unless I need it right away. We usually take a large sheet (that is not going to be used on a bed anymore) and lay it flat, then we pile in a lot of the clothes on hangers. Then we tie the opposite ends of the sheet together and haul it out over the shoulder. Shawn said it was faster and easier, at least when moving short distances.

  2. I hate moving for those reasons!

  3. oh yes.We moved last June / July. It seemed thingswere in disarray for months. The garage still kind of is. And our back porch is still abit redneck. Sigh. Hope it gets organized little by little.