Friday, October 19, 2012

Flippin' Furniture

I've been having some fun flipping furniture lately.  I buy 'em cheap, paint 'em up, sand 'em down, and sell 'em.  Well, I've sold one so far, but I'm hoping for another sale today (just listed it).

Here's pics to make up for my blogging absence.  Enjoy!

Before, green and falling apart.  Purchased for $3 at a yard sale.  I was test-driving the yellow, but I didn't like it.  Oh, I was also testing a brown, but didn't go with that, either.

After, creamy loveliness.  Sold for $50 the first day.

Second project, simple oak dresser.  Sorry, that picture is in a different camera.  Just imagine a plain dresser.  After, distressed denim, complete with rivet-colored handles.

I have this one listed for $350, we'll see if it sells for that.

I leave you with Doozer, pulling a face.  Enjoy!