Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bump in the Road

What? I have a blog? Hmm, must have forgotten...

I'm still working on Doozer's birth story. But in the meantime I'll bring you an exciting story. It's titled "Doozer's Stay in the Hospital".

Starting the 19th of March Doozer has had a horribly stuffy nose. Sleeping wasn't going well and nursing was the pits. The little blue bulb syringe became our best friend. We learned that breast milk squirted up the nose worked better than saline at breaking up snot blockage. We saw her pediatrician that Monday for her well-baby check up and went to my midwife for my postpartum. They both told us it was a cold. And we settled in to waiting for the cold to be over.

Well, the cold didn't get any better. Family started trickling into town on Thursday to attend her baby blessing. By Saturday I had a suspicion this wasn't a simple cold. However, I needed a lot of prompting from my mother and mother-in-law to see that. See, for whatever stupid reason I feel embarrassed to take my kids into urgent care because it always seems to turn out to be nothing. But when Doozer had some not-breathing episodes and she started having retraction I decided to take her to the ER. I chose to walk her there because it's only ten minutes away from my house, walking distance. Doozer hates her carseat and I did not feel comfortable having her scream the whole way there, even in it would have been only five minutes.

Being in the fresh air helped her breathing out, and by the time we were taken back she was breathing better. The nurse also gave her an Albuterol treatment, so when the doctor came in she was breathing well. I'm not sure he believed me, but he ordered a chest x-ray, which came back clear. TO be on the safe side, however, he decided to have us transferred to Doernbecher Children's Hospital for an overnight observation.

Part Two tomorrow, I have a very cranky baby right now.


  1. Can't wait to hear the 'rest of the story.' I wonder how it all turns out?

  2. She's had a very exciting live thus far. And has many people who love her (the whole jones clan too).