Thursday, February 10, 2011

Please, Train, Please Slow Down

Did I say I was going to do a give-a-way in my last post. Bwa-ha! I'm just hanging on for the ride right now.

We're moving in a few weeks. Guys, this new place is divine. It's just down the street from where we live now, but it's an actual house. The lot is a third on an acre and there are an apple tree, plum tree, pear tree, and grapes in the backyard, which is totally fenced. The landlords and encouraging us to garden as much as we want to and are letting us keep chickens. With my research I'm finding we can keep six hens, so I'm so super excited to be eating pastured eggs again.

In other news, I've had some preliminary muscle testing on the kids to identify food allergens. Doozer came up positive to wheat and milk, and they cause her respiratory issues. BuggaBoo came up positive to milk, peanuts, sugar, and xylitol, and they give him behavioral issues.

So I've been trying to avoid those things for the kids' food as well as my own. See, since I'm still breastfeeding both chilluns I need to stay away from their allergens or they'll just be getting them through me. I haven't been 100% with the wheat, but I've been perfect for milk, xylitol, and peanuts and pretty okay with sugar.

Oh, boy, the sugar. The first few days I took BuggaBoo off the sweet stuff he was having major withdrawal symptoms. The only sugar he was getting was a tiny bit in some of Dave's Killer Bread and some in organic tomato sauce we were using to replace his ketchup. The poor boy would ignore whatever needed dipping and was DRINKING the tomato sauce from the little cup it was in. He then would ask for more, which I would decline. Many tantrums during this time.

BUT! Yesterday BuggaBoo was playing some computer games. After I while I decided it was time for him to get off, and braced for the expected screaming-meemie meltdown. Instead he said, "Okay!", hopped off, and played with real toys. I tell you, not having the constant screaming is worth this detoxing headache I have right now.

I'm feeling very positive about all the changes going on in our lives right now. I'll keep you updated on my cleanse, which at this point is just cutting out sugar, peanuts, and all gluten. I want to avoid gluten until I can get Doozer more thoroughly tested. It would be lovely to have my little girl go longer than a week without wheezing and hacking.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, Krista! Sounds like you are in for some major changes! It's awesome that you were able to figure out what was triggering Doozer's wheezing. Good luck in this new path you are about to take. I've been looking at chickens and I think it would be nice to own some, but I can't where I live (within city limits). I want to have a garden this year, but I'm waiting to see how things pan out with our job and what not.

  2. wow! I'm excited about your move! that sounds like a wonderful house! congrats!

    sorry about the allergies. that's gotta be so frustrating. hope cutting out allergens help out a lot

  3. I've been wondering if you were okay. The new house sounds wonderful. mmm, pastured eggs ... in your own yard. One day, maybe for us.

    I think the sugar would be the hardest. We avoid gluten / dairy / peanut here, which is a learning curve, but no "withdrawl" every time I try to do the sugar thing I can't seem to. I really must try it for a while; I bet we would all be happier. I think a change in diet = better health is the most wonderful thing that can happen, once you get over the learning curve. Hope this is the magic one for you guys!

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  6. Sorry for all the deleted comments, Heidi asked if I pumped milk for my son, BuggaBoo. I replied that we practice child-led weaning and BuggaBoo is still nursing.