Monday, April 18, 2011

Almost Human

After writing this I got seriously sick and eventually called The Hubby home from work and was thisclose to calling an ambulance if it weren't for the fact I didn't know what to do with the kids if I were taken to the hospital. To put it as delicately as possible I was having quite a bit of stomach troubles, so it was hard to me to drink anything OR keep anything inside me. It got to the point where I stopped sweating and I felt as though my sinuses had collapsed on themselves.

I'm pretty sure now it was some sort of food poisoning from a fast food place, since nobody else is even showing signs of being sick. I am most grateful for that. I am also most grateful for distracting movies, such at Babies and The Secret of Kells. And do me a favor and don't watch a trailer for The Secret of Kells, just watch the movie. It's that good.

Anyway, I'm much better now and even feeling up for a very short walk. Thanks for all the concern, I really appreciate the love.


  1. *so* thankful to hear you're doing better!!! Who knew bad food could make you *THAT* sick :( BOO!!!!

    trying to patiently await part II......

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Hope it's a quick upward curve.

  3. and you didn't call me? :P you don't love me. :) glad you are feeling better.

  4. Sorry, Sarah, it was 2am! I didn't think anyone wanted me to bother them.

    Thanks for the well wishes, guys. I don't think I'm 100% yet, which is a bit shocking to me. But I'm certainly 98% better, which makes me very happy.