Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dream Interpretation Needed--Inquire Within

Okay, my dream was much too weird not to commit to the internet. If you feel like trying for an interpretation, have at it!

We start with The Hubby and I wanting to go on a date. He picked Ultimate Frisbee as our activity. I had some prior arrangements I had to cancel so he went ahead of me to meet up with "the guys" while I took care of things. He was going rendezvous with the posse at a bar (why?!?).

After The Hubby left I canceled all my appointments. I then ran into my older sister and asked her to help me put together an outfit. She agreed to that. Also at this time I realized that my older sister was the real author of the "Harry Potter" series and I stared at her in amazement.

Before going off to get dressed I had to call the bar to check up on The Hubby. Apparently the apparatus used for calls was not a telephone, it was a very long, green garden hose. I talked to the bar owner and he told me that the crew had already headed off to the field to play Ultimate Frisbee.

I then got dressed, which is always a huge ordeal in my dreams for some reason. Nothing ever looks right. I finally put on a large frothy skirt and a top and called it good. I was barefoot (I've been doing that a lot in real life).

Then my sister, the kids, and I went on our adventure to find The Hubby. The field ended up being halfway across Portland and we either walked or took buses the whole way. The field was all brown with a chain link fence going partway around it. My dad was there but The Hubby wasn't in sight.

The Hubby soon came limping up, hopping, really. He had hurt his leg badly. My dad was admonishing him for getting hurt and I walked to The Hubby, had him stand behind me, wrap his arms around my neck, and I hauled him off the field. We can do this because The Hubby is an inch taller and 25 lbs lighter than me. I remember the dead grass of the field being very uncomfortable on my feet.

After depositing The Hubby on the sidelines I walked over to the chain link fence. There was a small secluded area on the edge of the field with short trees and longer green grass. I noticed one of our juvenile hens there with two eggs. One egg was full-sized and the other was a "pee-wee" egg of a new layer. I was excited to see our chicks were old enough to lay now, but the chicken started pecking at the eggs so I hurried around the fence to stop the hen.

The Hubby asked me what I was up to and I told him, so he came with me, walking pretty well, and I planned on giving the eggs to him for safe keeping. Very close to the nest was another nest of a wild bird. There were three eggs in it and each egg was about six inches long and 2 inches in diameter, very long and thin. Our hens had pecked them open and they were oozing everywhere.

I was very frustrated with our chickens and went to pick up the intact eggs. All in all there was a normal chicken egg, the pee-wee egg, and a rather large green duck egg. After passing the Eggs to The Hubby I went to look at the broken eggs to see if I could tell what type of bird it was. I started to pick up one of the eggs and it started throbbing. Each egg had a large chick in it, but they weren't quite ready to hatch yet. I cleaned the shells and whites off the chicks and they started breathing, so I decided it was my mission to keep them alive.

I was suddenly at my parents' house with the chicks, and I was trying to find a place to clean them up. They were getting stronger which was encouraging, but I wanted them clean and warm before I fed them. I went into the kitchen where my mom was preparing dinner, my dad was hanging out talking to her. I put two of the chicks on the counter next to the sink, then I turned around with the third chick to find a towel. When I got back to the first two chicks my mother had chopped their heads off and deposited the bodies into the sink. I was very upset with her and shouted, "Why did you do that?!?" She answered, "I thought they were for dinner," but didn't apologize.

And, that is the end of my dream. Any takers for interpretations? I'll give you five cows.*

*Five imaginary cows, very cute.


  1. You know they say, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. That is, sounds like a WEIRD dream to me. Did you eat something high in carbohydrates close to bedtime? I know people that SWEAR it makes them have weird, vivid dreams.

  2. Ummmmmmm......... I don't even know where to begin.... Honey are you pregnant? You usually have insane dreams when you are. Alls I can say is that I would LOVE to hear what an expert would say! That and I love you know to come to me for fashion! :)

  3. Hmmmm, sorry I chopped the heads off your chicks. What was I thinking?! Dinner, two bites. Now that's a dream!