Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Hair

Remember a while back when I did this to my hair?

Some people asked for a look at it in an updo, so here that is, in the bathroom mirror:

And then I did this, but with blue tips and chunks and I don't have a picture of that:

After a bit I wanted something new so I did this, captured by MySpace photography:

Well, forget all that. Because I changed my hair up again. Because I wanted to.

And squinty pictures, due to intense sunlight:


"What's that over there? Oh, just my pear tree."

Random thoughts:

I keep forgetting I don't have hair.

I keep getting caught on things like Velcro.
Your head can get very cold.
I keep getting kindly smiles, and I think people think I'm going through chemo.
I like not having to think about styling my hair.
It's easier to wear a bike helmet.

Cute conversation with my kid:

BuggaBoo: (crawls into my bed the morning after The Buzz, starts whimpering.)

Me: What's up, sweetie?

BuggaBoo: All your hair is gone.

Me: It'll grow back.

BuggaBoo: But how will I tell you and Daddy apart?

Annnd, how 'bout some silly photos to wrap things up?

Thanks for reading. And, dang, I'm going to have a lot of pears to thin this summer.


  1. I think you can rock that new do! :-) And if you need to unload some pears my way--please do so!

  2. Damn, you've gone all bad ass! Love it!! And I loved hearing about BuggaBoo's concerns. It made me giggle. I hope all is well with you, dear one.

  3. I like it. I also like the transitional cut. When you go it out, definitely get the transitional cut back.

  4. You look good in any look. Nice. Love the pear tree flowers. My son knows I am mom because I get dressed and take a bath with him in the room. We have also had the discussion many times of what makes girls, girls and boys, boys. (The body parts and thier purpose). : )

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Donna, that's what made this conversation so hilarious to me, because we're definitely a no-privacy kind of family. We also use correct terminology for everything. Heck, BuggaBoo still nurses. I was giggling so hard because apparently my hair is the only determining factor to my gender for him.

  6. I love your buzzed head! It looks so hot. Do you know that I buzzed my head too? When I was 20 or 21, can't remember exactly. I loved it and it was so liberating! I have a photo on facebook I think if you want to check it out here's one, and here's the other

    I don't have hardly any photos of it which makes me sad, so it's good you took lots. Love ya! We should chat again soon on the phone

    1. oh and i think you have to be my friend to view those photos, I have a friend request sent to your husband if you want to add me you can probably see them. Let me know

  7. I love it. I've always wanted to be brave enough to do that! :)

  8. AWWWESOME!!!! Yay for you! It's definitely something I've always considered. I bet it was one of the weirdest sensations but totally freeing all at the same time! And Bugga Boo's response it's just too funny. Totally laughed out loud picturing it in my head.

  9. LOL, it's so sad but true...they really probably think you are doing chemo...ahaha!
    I love it, you look Great and it will probably be soooo nice as the weather heats up

  10. I don't know if you saw my "reply" to your comment, so I'll leave it here -- THANKS for pointing out that a swayback adjustment with a center back seam was really easy. I googled it and had no idea. !! So now I am not so intimidated by it! I'm going to have Kevin pin out the tuck and try the adjusted pattern in my next version. Yaaay! Learning something new and realizing it isn't as hard as I feared. :)