Monday, February 25, 2013


Looking at my search stats for this blog you would think something was blowing up on the internet...

lds mother breastfeeding

 lds breastfeeding

 lds church breastfeeding

dye a stained shirt

breastfeeding and modesty  

breastfeeding in lds church
breastfeeding in mormon church

can you dye a stained shirt?

dairy free sausage gravy

dying clothes that are stained

My most viewed page this week?  Heck, this month?  Breastfeeding and the LDS Church.  Wow.

I'm excited to see what happens next.

Other good posts about breastfeeding and the LDS Church:

Breastfeeding history moment: LDS Sacrament Meeting, 1871 by Dr. Rixa Freeze at Stand and Deliver

Breastfeeding history moment: Mormon handcart pioneers by Dr. Rixa Freeze at Stand and Deliver

Modesty and Breastfeeding by  Heather at The Bee in your Bonnet

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