Monday, March 18, 2013

Convos with Doozer

She's been sick the last few days, poor sweet one.  We've been snuggling a lot, which leads to interesting conversations.

While watching Dual Survival with me and witnessing a porcupine being hunted:

Her:  "I want to hunt a porcupine.  Tomorrow.  It will be delicious.  And I want to eat a baby."

Me:  "You want to eat a baby?"

Her:  "No, not a baby!  It will cry too much.  I want to hunt a giraffe.  And I want to eat a giraffe."

Me:  "Okay, we'll have to see about that."

Her:  "I'm not sick anymore, I can eat it!"

She is still sick, by the way.  She'll be in the middle of vomiting and still insisting that her tummy feels better.

On the other hand BuggaBoo has a bad habit of becoming demanding and whiny while ill.  I would use the term "man flu," but I actually find that distasteful and hateful.  But, geez, that boy can really complain!  I do think it's due to the fact that he still has issues with vomiting.  The best we can figure is he just has hair-trigger queasiness. 

You know how you can feel nauseous but still force it down?  I remember doing that all the time as a kid (and when I was making kids!).  Well, it seems as though BuggaBoo just doesn't have that ability.  Once he starts vomiting he doesn't stop.  So we keep some Zofran on hand and use that once his stomach is entirely cleaned out.  We wait until he dry heaves a few times to make sure if it's food poisoning or something like that it has a chance to get out.  So, usually after 12 hours of vomiting we'll dose him with the Zofran. 

Actually, we just did this with him.  Last Saturday he started puking at bedtime.  After vomiting 10-12 times that night I finally gave him a pill at 6am and crawled into bed with him to try and get some sleep.  After 4 doses of the Zofran we weaned him onto more typical remedies for upset stomach.  Once he's over the hump those usually work.  And this time he was only out of commission for 5 days instead of the usual 10.  Much better.

Contrast that with Doozer, who threw up yesterday, but acted mostly well all day besides napping and going to bed early.  She ate lightly.  Tonight she threw up, but I'm pretty sure it's because she had some yogurt curdle in her stomach.  She also went to bed at 4pm.  But, still, she's always in much better shape than BuggaBoo when she's sick.  I don't get how two siblings can be so different from each other.  And none of BuggaBoo's test explained anything.

Oh well, I guess I should wrap up yet another post about puking.  It's a popular thing around here.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the pukies. It really just sucks. I would LOVE to get Afton in to my NAET guy if you c ome up. I'd be VERY interested to see what he says. Maybe he can get it to stop! That would be amazing!