Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All's Crazy on the Western Front

Yup, that about sums it up. BuggaBoo was in the hospital the 11th due to a swallowed bobby pin. Talk about scary! The best I can figure, since I didn't see it happen, is he was laying on his back playing with the bobby pin and it fell down his throat.

What I DID see was his choking and grabbing at something in this throat, his face all red and scared. Yeah, I started crying. He was still coughing so I was just waiting to see what would happen. Eventually he swallowed it down and started crying. He then vomited just a bit but there was blood in it. The Hubby, my older sister, and I were trying to figure out what he had choked on when my sister noticed that the bobby pin that had been on the floor was gone. I REALLY started freaking out and The Hubby tried to make me feel better by telling me BuggaBoo would just poop it out. I wasn't so sure about that.

I called the ER to see if I needed to take BuggaBoo in. I mean, what do you DO for a bobby pin? They didn't cover this in birth class. The ER lady said she couldn't give me medical advice over the phone. So helpful. I then called my mom and she told me to go in. Which, to my credit, I would have probably figured that out on my own but it's nice to have mommies to push you in the right direction.

We took BuggaBoo in, which was a ton of fun. He got an x-ray done, and indeedy he had a bobby pin in his stomach. The doctor wanted to let us go home and let him pass it, but at this point I was thinking more clearly and I knew I didn't want that to happen. I told the doctor that bobby pins can be very sharp if the rubber tips come off. She then said she didn't really know what a bobby pin looked like. Um, really? Thankfully she called Doernbecher to ask their opinion. Doernbecher set up an appointment for us to go in the next day to have the bobby pin removed.

The rest of the story later, it's time for a little girl to go to bed. Goodnight!


  1. Hi, thanks for your comment! Wow, your blog is so inspiring!! And "big thumbs up" for your bit to save the environment!! When my three were little I used 100% cloth nappies. Friends thought I was crazy, or at least weirdly hippy-ish. But I figure, in Australia, there's no reason NOT to, since we can dry our clothes on the clothesline all year round. Which I do.
    But I know you don't always get the nod for doing this, especially in other countries, so I'm just saying ... YAY for you!!
    I hope all goes well with your new baby.

  2. Holy crap! Why am i so out of the loop!??! Poor Buggaboo! He must have been so scared! :( :( Hope he stays away from bobby pins now. I hope your trips to the ER are done for a while!

    And HOW does a doctor not know what a bobby pin looks like??? HUH?

    (oh, and this is not Jay, it's Jillyn but i didn't want to sign him out LOL)

  3. Carolyn- Hi! It's such an honor to see you over here. I seriously grabbed The Hubby this morning and said "Look! It's Carolyn! You know, the one with the dress with the velvet." He laughed.

    I really love my cloth diapers, it makes me happy to see little bums in cloth. I wish we had less humid weather like you guys, however, because here in the Pacific Northwest it's a bit...damp.

    Jillyn- How did you not know? Seriously, this family has communication issues.

  4. Well, we haven't had internet at home, so if anything was posted on facebook i missed it. But yeah, mom said NOTHING to me about this, and she normally informs me of these things :(