Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sewing Advice Needed

Also needed, better post titles. I mean, yikes!

I've had the hankering for a new skirt but I don't want to cut into my nice fabric until my body stabilizes. So I found this pair of pants in my "Clothes to Recon" box that look like they'll fit the bill. They're a size 22W, have a partially elastic waistband, and are 41" (104 cm for those on the metric system) at the waist, unstretched. As I want to make a pencil skirt there will be plenty of fabric.

So this is my somewhat-dilemma: Should I cut a new waistband or use the one with the elastic in it? I'm leaning to using the elastic so the band will shrink with my body, but will that make the skirt look, I dunno, too homemade if I tuck in my shirts? Just so you know, since I don't have an pictures to go with this post, the elastic is only in the back, the front waistband is smooth.



  1. I'm with you, I'm not really crazy about elastic waistbands. However sometimes it pays to make use of what is there already (like a finished waistband that fits) It's a dilemma...
    I hope you post a picture of your finished skirt!

  2. I will post pictures, never fear!

    The waistband does NOT fit at this time. I'm not down-talking larger women but my waist is 35" (89 cm) at the belly button and 32" (81 cm) at my smallest part. So I will have to resize the band.

    You know, I think I'll just fit the band to my smallest area. That way when I slim down (more and more every day! Wahoo for nursing) then the skirt will just fit lower on my body.

    Thanks for the comment, it helped a lot, really.

  3. No advice here really, I second the post a picture. I'm not a fan of elastic, but maybe partially elasticized would be okay? hmmm ....