Friday, September 10, 2010

Pass the Chalk

BuggaBoo has become quite the artist. He is loving his chalk, both outdoors and in.Because of the best daddy in the world BuggaBoo has a huge chalkboard in our kitchen, created with some blackboard paint. Very cool stuff, we'll need to take pictures sometime.

Anyway, back to the budding artist. All of this kinda started with his obsession of adding eyes to everything. Here's his first gallery. Surface, asphalt; medium, washable chalk.

"Circles and Triangle and Cute Little Toes"


"Three Fish"


"Ring Around the Chalk Pile"

"Concentric Circles with Foot for Scale"

The artist himself, age 2.5 years

The hand that created it all

The little sister, who burbles,

and laughs,

and who can't


sit still.

And the Mom.

And a sighting of Bigfoot.



  1. Oh, what sweet pictures of your babies. and a lovely photo of you. I think we have similar glasses, lol! I love that he wants to add eyes to everything, how sweet. Hope you have lots of days exuding joy like this post seems to ... have a great weekend!

  2. Your kids are so adorable! And I loooooved the gallery. So cute!

  3. This was really cute Krista :) I love how you appreciate his work as art and not just scribbles on the sidewalk :)

    And i think you did get a sighting of bigfoot ;)

    And i can't believe how big doozer is getting!

  4. Flowers;1

    I saw this and thought of you. This looks like something you would do for afton, and with your finger food trays, very cute.

  5. very cute! I loved seeing you yesterday