Thursday, August 25, 2011

Can't Catch a Break

Yesterday BuggaBoo fell and bit his lip badly. We didn't realize how deeply it was cut until later that day when the swelling went down and the bleeding stopped. We took him to the ER where they told us that stitches wouldn't be prudent and rinse it out three times a day.

This morning he woke up looking like this:

The gash has sealed up. His lip feels warm to the touch and he's starting to get a bit of red around the wound. We think some infection is in the sealed part.

Yes, we realize he has problems with his teeth. Our doctor attributes this mostly to his reflux and early eruption of teeth.

So that's been fun.

Earlier today I was cleaning out the chicken pen a bit and BuggaBoo was hanging out watching me. He was doing his normal I'm-three-and-don't-particulary-like-clothing-so-I'm-starkers routine. All the sudden he starts yelling, "Get away! Get away!" and then started screaming.

A wasp had bit him on the penis.

Like I said, poor kid can't get a break.


  1. Ouch. Nothing against ER folks (well, everything against one particular ER I know) I'd definitely have a dentist look at his lip right away.

    As for the wasp, well, I feel for the guy. Hope you get better soon, buddy!

  2. Oh my...poor boy!!! That looks so painful. I hope he feels better soon. :(

  3. Oh my goodness--that's crazy! Poor kid. Tell him just a pair of undies does wonders to keep wasps away from the penis. And that lip looks horrible! My second child is dubbed "The ER kid" too.

  4. Everyone, thanks for the sympathy. His lip is doing much better now. The swelling is down considerably and it isn't warm anymore. It opened up again so we were able to rinse it out with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Now it's sealed up but without anything in it.

    His, ahem, sensitive parts are also much better. Baking soda really can fix anything. He's contemplating underwear. ;)

  5. Rinsing mouth wounds with cool chamomile tea does wonders. Mouth injuries inside do tend to heal really fast.

  6. Headmistress, thank you! And you have such an intriguing blog, I'm going to be fascinated for days.

  7. Poor little guy. I know this is rude, but I sorta had to smile envisioning him running around naked as he loves to do, and then being so abruptly surprised! I can only imagine that he IS contemplating underwear!
    As for the lip, I really like the idea of the tea. Wondering also if holding the tea bag against his lip for a few minutes might help. You could keep it cool in the fridge - I bet that would feel good and would help with the swelling.

  8. Mom, I giggle about the wasp bite, so don't feel bad. He swears up and down that his lip doesn't hurt him, but that tea bag compress would probably feel pretty good. I need to take some follow-up pictures, he is looking a lot better now.