Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm an Anime Character!

I've always wondered what I would look like as a Japanese cartoon. Now I know.

'Cause you gotta have blue hair.


  1. I was going to have blue hair but went pink and purple instead. I'm still thinking I would like to have blue eventually. ;)

  2. Oktobre, I just checked out your new hair and I lurve it. It's so pretty! I also used a demi-permanent dye for my hair because I wanted to do the least amount of damage to my hair. It took me a long time to grow it out this long (about 22 months) and I don't have any split ends yet.

    Anyways, I used 'N Rage Twisted Turquoise and let it sit overnight wrapped in a shower cap, plastic wrap, and a scarf to keep it in place. Rinse it in cold water. I didn't bleach it before hand. I think I might do the whole thing next time. This is fun!

  3. Totally fun! I was telling my hairstylist that with all the fab hair colors that exist, there really is no good excuse to have boring or gray hair. lol The shocked stares are hilarious and just make me laugh. Live a little people. I am! And it seems so are you, Krista. Love it!

    I was terrified of bleaching all my hair, but I think I will eventually just do it so I can get some really vibrant colors.

  4. What a blast from the past Krista! Gosh, i haven't watched a strong bad email in forever!!! :D Thanks!

    and the color turned out really good! I'd love to see it all pinned up pretty like ;)

  5. It turned out phenomenal!!!!!! Soooooo much in love!!!