Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hi, My Name is Krista...

And I have a Facebook and other asinine-internet-wasters addiction. Seriously, guys, what the heck. I get on Facebook um, *counting* ten times a day, at least.

I have enough real stuff to do during the day I don't need to get on the time-sucker every hour or so. The only thing is I don't want to deal with real life so I get suck into virtually real life. Right now my kitchen is a bio-hazard waste dump, but it needs to be cleaned before I can process jam tonight. If I don't do jam then all the hard work The Hubby and I did picking raspberries on Monday is going to go to waste, not to mention the $12 we spent on the berries.

By the way, that's not the only thing I need to do, just the most pressing.

Also by the way, happy 50th post to me!

Okay, back to the real business at hand: trying to kick the Facebook habit. Here's general musings I've had on the subject matter, and also another colon:

Get rid of my Facebook account

That would fix things, and in a hurry. But I've come to depend on Facebook for sharing all the latest news with my friends & family and seeing what they're up to in their lives. But now that I'm blogging maybe I can shift my focus to reading blogs and having people read my blog and be done with it all. Hmm, tempting...

Turn off the computer

This would also work well. But we just changed our phone system to magicJack and the computer has to be on for calls to come in. So I really don't think that would work for the bigger picture. We already don't use a cell phone, so we have to have our home phone in case of emergencies.

Delete a ton of Facebook friends

This would help a lot. I wouldn't have to try to keep up with everyone's status updates and whatnot. It would be cozy to just have a few friends. I mean, right now I have 390 friends, but I don't even know some of these people. So deleting would be a great course of action, but it makes me feel so guilty. I want to delete some family members, but can I do that? Is that allowed? Do I have to be friends with family? And what about friends from high school that aren't really intimate friends because our lives have taken different directions, that's guilt-inducing to delete them. But I think I'm going to go this route because I think after it's done it'll feel soooo good.

Replace the habit of getting onto Facebook with a better habit

This is what I'm trying now. I decided today that every time I have an overwhelming urge to get online I'm going to give Doozer a nebulizer treatment. She needs to have the several times a day, it takes about 15 minutes to do one, and once I"m done hopefully I won't have the urge anymore. Hopefully.

I think what this all comes down to is wanting to know what people are saying about me. Like cyber-narcissism. But, really, checking for comments all the time just stresses me out. Because then I have to sometimes defend myself, and at other times there aren't any comments and that just makes me feel bad, and at other times they're sweet but not easily responded to but I have to respond so everyone knows I like them. *sigh*

Okay, if you're still with me after all those bold-titled lists and rambling thoughts, I would like to know your thoughts. Do you have any problems function in real life due to being on the computer too much? Do you have any ideas? If so, share, because I could really use some good ideas.


  1. I only get on Facebook once a day. The problem is that I never get off Facebook, and I always have an open session for it.

  2. Umm, my problem is not Facebook. I can control that. I am addicted to reading people's blogs, searching for new recipes and reading emails I subscribed to. I guess you could say the internet in general! My goal is to just avoid the computer when I do not need to be doing something very important, like typing up legal paperwork. And since it is summer I am going to try and do more with the kids, or just be outside more, even if I am just sitting in a chair enjoying the weather.

  3. I have no advice because i think i might be worse than you with the facebook/interent habit. Seriously. I get on facebook in the morning 'just to check my messages' and holy crap i never get off. 'oh look at this cool video, this is an awesome article, oooooOOooOooo this link is cool' and it never stops. And then going to some pages takes me to others and others and others and it never ends.

    Seriously, the only thing that *really* works for me is for us not to have internet in the house...i'm seriously addicted. Turning off the computer helps for a bit, but it's really easy for me just to turn it on again, so it doesn't help for long....

    I'm hoping once Baby is here that maybe i'll cut back more...but i need to cut back more NOW so i can get things done for baby! I'm seriously such a slacker!

    So yeah...i feel you krista!

  4. My personal experience is once my babies are born I do MORE computer sitting, because I'm nursing all the time or they're sleeping in my lap.

    I hate the whole interesting-link-click thing. I do that allll the time. I learn a lot of amazing things, but it's also a waste of time.

  5. hey, i can hope right?!?! Don't dash my dreams ;) lol.

  6. Dont delete the facebook, just limit yourself to once a day, maybe before you go to bed. I keep my facebook to keep in contact with people I know and dont get to see very often. It's nice to see pics etc, and read some of the interesting posts you post. I forget about blogs, all the time. I'm horrible, but I haven't had time for them w/the house "renovations." I can easily read facebook updates on my phone, which I do...all the time.

    You and I should try to set a date once month and catch up on the phone, schedules permitting. I might start working here in a bit, fingers crosses. I miss and love you my friend.

  7. I also considered canceling my FaceBook account, but I'm finally connecting with long-lost cousins, so thought maybe not right now.
    So, I try really, really hard to limit my time on to 15 minutes in the A.M. and 15 minutes in the P.M. That's a total of 30 minutes. If I can't digest what's there in 30 minutes then I would consider it a problem and would need to adjust accordingly. I can see where it would be an avenue to 'escape' from the realities of life. The cold hard fact of truth is, though, by escaping life marches on and then it puts us in a bad mood 'cause we're so far behind. Get control of your time and you get control of your life.

  8. I have to fast from facebook, and computer in general, every now and then. Most of my "group" communicates this way, so I need to do it, but not every day. I have some updates to my email so if someone really needs to communicate with me, I see it in email. That way I don't get sucked into it too much. Blogs, now, that's another story.

  9. Those darned blogs, always being so interesting. ;)

  10. I'll freely admit I'm a computer addict. But then I'm okay with it. I don't do well without interaction with others even if it is only online. And I also rationalize that I am educating myself and becoming a better doula by reading all those interesting-links-to-click!! And networking, boy the networking I do! HAHAHA!!
    But seriously I like Fbook because it's all consolidated into one place, I can do all of the above without having to go check multiple sites. But at least if you leave I have an even greater excuse to come over to blogger and catch up here.