Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Funness in My Life

Funness: (noun) 1. Amazing junk (There's a lot of funness going on right now at the Krunkle's.)

Remember this post I wrote way back in...May? My goodness, what have I been doing? Obviously not keeping up on my polls. Poll, I guess, singular, I've only done one. Well, I know I promised that ya'll could have a say in my life, and I even let you vote. But, gol darn, this isn't a democracy and sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that turn my life into a military state.

So even though Sew-a-Seam-a-Day won the poll by a landslide I'm focusing more on sprouting, fermenting, and EC. I'm sprouting because we need more antioxidants in our life to help combat Doozer's wheezing and sprouts are cheap. We're fermenting with water kefir grains because the probiotics are supposed to help Doozer's and mine immune systems to keep her from catching viruses and aggravating her Reactive Airway Disease. And the EC helps with keeping her yeast diaper rash from coming back since she sitting in less wet/soiled diapers.

It's actually pretty fun. Well, I'm getting tired of having to rinse my sprouts all the time, but that's just because my kitchen is a disaster. Making water kefir is REALLY fun and yummy, and that's a whole other post in itself. (Sidenote: How many times have I mentioned "whole other posts" and I haven't followed up on that? Slacker!) And I really like practicing EC and all the astonished praise about my "genius" daughter. I'll let you in on a secret: She's not a genius (about pottying) or a "good" baby, or anything mutant. Elimination communication can work for every baby! So don't be intimidated.

So there ya go, that's what's going on in my life. And here's a parting picture of something that has nothing to do with this post but is precious nonetheless:


  1. Oh, I made water kefir for ages to help with our guts ... I even had a gf sourdough starter I made with water kefir grains.... then somehow on our move from n. texas to central texas everything went off... I miss it. :( The sewing a seam a day will come - when you get more sleep and the little ones are a bit older.

  2. Oh, I would love to figure out how to make a sourdough starter from my kefir grains, they are multiplying faster than I can find homes for them. In two weeks I've gone from 2 tablespoons to 26 tablespoons. If you lived closer I would let you adopt some kefir babies.

    Sewing will come, I know that. I sometimes wish that time was now. But that would mean my baby wouldn't be a baby anymore, so I'm pretty content to wait.