Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lady in Red Shoes

So a while ago I felt I needed a pick-me-up for my feet. But, who wants to spend money? Not me! So this is what I found in my closet:

I bought these wedges a while back from Target for five bucks and I love them. Obviously, though, they've seen better days, probably because I love them too much. The first thing I did was take some E6000 glue and secure the peeling edges. Then I sanded the wedge part to get ready for painting. After sanding I wiped the wedges down with nail polish remover to get all the grit off. It made the surface sticky, which made it better for the paint to stick. I love it when things work out like that.

I picked out the perfect candy-apple red acrylic paint from my extensive paint stash and slapped on 4-5 coats of paint. Then I sealed it with 3 coats of glossy Modge-Podge. Voila! New-lookin' shoes.

Lemmie tell ya, I *strut* when I wear these babies. And what could be better than red?


  1. this makes me miss wearing heels. :o( totally cute, though!

  2. Thanks, Nica! I occasionally wear heels when I'm pregnant, but mostly only for church or midwife/doctor appointments.

    I had a 38 week ultrasound with Doozer to confirm she was breech and I wore my sexiest high-heeled boots. The ultrasound tech told me, "Oh, good for you, still wearing heels!" I mean, what the heck, is it some sort of competition? Also, the tech didn't believe that I was 38 weeks because I hadn't had my due date estimated by ultrasound.

    Okay, crazy ultrasound tangent. I love my shoes!

  3. oooooh, fun!! a shoe refashion. Hope you have fun wearing them.

    Thanks for your commment yesterday, I don't usually belt over but with a longer shirt I think I might ... Woo hooo, new idea!

    Hmmm, you have good luck at target. $5??!!

  4. Yeah, The Hubby used to work for Target so I knew when things would go on clearance.

    I really like belts, I wish I wore them more. I had a dream about needing a wide corset-type belt last night, maybe an omen? Anyway, a fun fashion blog where a lot of belting takes place (in case you want more inspiration) is Already Pretty:

  5. OOooOOoOOoOOoOoOOo!!! You are so awesome Krista! Way to re-purpose something! They look awesome! :D

  6. oh, no... See, I don't wear heels anymore because I tower over my short husband! haha. I'm already 2 inches taller than him.

    I can understand confirming a due date (although I've already decided that I will most likely be a week after my EDD anyway, so what does it matter?) if you had a surprise pregnancy and have no idea what your last period was or something, but other than that...really?? I've kept reminding myself that I'm no further along that I said I am (because my belly is so big) because I took a pregnancy test when they discovered my ovarian cyst, I took a test strip and knew I was ovulating, and took a pregnancy test 4 days before I got my positive pregnancy test. I mean, how much proof does one need?!

    Anyway, I'm glad I could share all my talk of pregnancy tests, ovulation, and ovarian cysts with your friends. :)

  7. I love the shoes! That is awesome. I hate you :) I love you! I miss you. I have started a blog, actually two one for me and one for FSCC!

  8. These remind me of the designer shoes you see now with the souls a completely different color. You are inspired.