Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bathing Beauty

We slip into the bathtub, you and I,
the water warmer than it should,
because you like it like that.
I let you float
my hand under your head
and your body rocks.
We have done this before, you and I,
but tonight is different for you.
Tonight you come alive,
your limbs dancing,
looking like a synchronized swimmer gone
And I see the motions I felt
when my body housed yours.
You soon tire and seek my breast.
I pull you close, let you suckle.
You float in the warmth,
new skin touching old,
gaining life from my body.
Is it like being in the womb?
Is it like being home?


  1. Like Like Like Like Like Like Like :)

  2. Just lovely. A true tribute to your mothering and your emotions of love felt in the simple act of bathing your daughter. Beautiful.

  3. Thank you, you two. I still tear up a little when I read it.

  4. Did you write this lovely poem? It's beautiful. Re, your post about an unacceptable babysitter, don't feel bad about saying no to her/him. They're your children. No need to give any reasons.

    You write so well! Your resolutions were so good! Particularly when you wrote What do you think after pledging not worry what others think...! For what its worth, I think you come across as a very caring mother, very dedicated to the well-being and optimum health and happiness of your family :) and with a sense of humour! something not all us mothers manage to maintain during the tough times.

  5. Carolyn, thank you for such an uplifting comment! Between you and me (and the rest of the internet world) I have been coming back and reading it the last few days to give me a boost. And it works! Thank you again.