Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sewing Card Tutorial

I sew. BuggaBoo wants to help me sew. This is a happy alternative to finding straight pins all over my floor. I have fond memories of using these in kindergarten.

I bought flexible plastic cutting boards at my local dollar store for the sewing cards.

Trace the shapes you want the cards to be. I used a heart, a crescent, a square, a circle, and a rectangle.

Cut out the cards and then take a hole punch and punch your sewing holes. Find some shoelaces for "thread". It's nice to use shoelaces since they have the plastic tips and are stiff enough to thread through the holes, like a needle. I bought this 8-pack at the dollar store.

Admire your work.

Not bad for two bucks and a few minutes of work!


  1. Very creative! You are such a smart woman!

  2. you know i love me a cheap easy craft! And it's useful too :D Good job Kawista! :D