Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Update

For all the family reading this: Hello!

BuggaBoo likes to:

Play with EVERYBODY. He's very social
Eat carrots cooked in soy sauce.
Ditto with broccoli.
Help Daddy in the garden, especially anything to do with water.
Say "Hi!" to the neighbors.
Play on the slides.
Share food with Mommy or Daddy.
Read books.
Flirt with the children's librarian.
Tandem nurse with Doozer.
Sleep in bed with Mommy.
Help Mommy sew.
Go on walks.
Splash in puddles.
Make Doozer smile.

Doozer likes to:

Laugh. She just started today!
Be in dry diapers.
Play with her brother.
Chew on fabric.
Chew on rubbery things.
Chew on her fist.
Have her gums rubbed. She's teething.
Hold onto your finger.
Stand up with help.
Take naps in a front wrap cross carry.
Sleep for the night in bed, thank you very much.
Sleep next to Mommy or Daddy. She's flexible.


  1. awwww, i miss your family so much! They are both getting so big! I cannot wait for you guys to visit!!!

    And i love the new header :) Very pretty and i love that it's your flowers :)

  2. Those flowers are WEEDS! They're even taking over our yard, they're that ambitious. But the blooms are so pretty.

    I'm excited to visit, too!

  3. I enjoy reading about your family so much! Your kids sound so cute and fun. Flirting with the librarian, lol!

  4. Thanks, Carolyn, I enjoy gabbing about them. And he's always been a flirt.