Friday, May 7, 2010

Resolution Update

How have I been doing with my New Year's resolutions? I've been doing like this:

Start a blog, post often

I had a few dry months there at the end of my pregnancy but I think I'm back up to speed. Kind of. I still need to finish a few post, notably ones about bobby pins and a birth story. I also need to be better about posting pictures, because I've noticed the blogs that don't use pictures are the ones that don't get read. True story. But overall I would give myself the grad B+ for even getting this far.

Have a productive garden

I haven't done hardly anything for this goal, but The Hubby has been growing up a storm. We're staring to harvest the first greens from our garden and the future is looking bright. Dear friends of our are letting us use some of their spacious backyard to grow some of the more sprawling plants, the melons and squash. We're also planting massive amounts of tomatoes and green beans for putting up at the end of the season. So this goal is getting an A++++ for being so awesome. Even though it's not my doing.

Start a Montessori program with my son

I've petered out a bit on this. We're working on people skills right now instead of academic achievements. Not that he's not learning (that's an awkward phrase) but I'm not pouring all my energy into Montessori right now. I'm just learning not to scream at his screaming. Grade, a big fat F.

Stop caring so much what other people think

Except for the most recent chicken episode I feel like I'm making good progress in this area. And I feel happier for it. So, I think I deserve an A-. What do you think?

(ETA: Haha, "What do you think?" I didn't mean to be ironic.)

Be out of debt by the end of the year

Well, we have $4,000 left of student loans but we've had some unexpected hospital visits. Not that hospital visits are ever anticipated. Luckily The Hubby has been able to pick up overtime so we should be able to stay on track. He also received a $1,500 reimbursement from work for school so that will help, along with the fact that we're fast approaching our out-of-pocket maximum for the year with our insurance. Grade, A.

Eat healthier

I don't think we're doing too We weren't doing so well at the end of my pregnancy, but I'm cleaning up my act. I drink 3-5 green smoothies a week, and BuggaBoo helps me. We also go through a ton of veggies a week: a head of cabbage, 3-5 lbs of carrots, broccoli, greens, etc. One thing that needs help is our bread consumption. A friend of ours gets day-old-bread from a local community center that can't use all their donations. She gets enough to share, which is so loving and kind. But it's white bread, and I can tell a major difference. Soooo, I need to stop accepting it, which is difficult. I have a very hard time saying no to food. Anyone else feel the same way? Grade, B.

Sew more

I attempted to draft my own bodice pattern from my measurements. It fit about as well as a commercial pattern. Moving on... Grade, C, for effort.

So, not too bad. How are you guys doing? Did you make resolutions this year? What, if anything, is hampering you?

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  1. I think considering everything that is going on in your life that you aren't doing too bad. And YAY for the almost out of debt thing! I don't know if we are ever going to see the end at the rate we are going.

    As for me. Um....i'm making a baby? I think i've done pretty good with that LOL. I do need to get better about my diet and exercise though. But my garden is doing pretty well, i'm happy with it, although i REALLY wish my starts would grow faster! I swear they have been the same size for 3+ weeks now! Boo!

    But you just keep up the good work!