Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off-The-Cuff Broccoli Soup

So for breakfast I decided to make some pureed broccoli soup to use up some questionable produce in my fridge. What, don't you have soup for breakfast? Also, I wanted to put some veggies in my kid since yesterday was firmly in the all-he-ate-was-french-fries category. *hangs head in shame*

I had part of a broccoli crown, a broccoli stem, and some collards that needed eating, so I whipped this up and was surprised. This was so good! I want to eat it all but must restrain myself so that The Hubby can has his share. I really have to do this because it was so good I sneaked him a bite while he was sleeping off his night shift. Lesson learned, if I want more soup I can't share.

Look at that gorgeous green!

I didn't measure, but I hope that won't deter you. Also in the list of hopeful-non-deterrents is the sprouted lentils. I had them on hand because they're useful. Soak them for about eight hours, drain, then put them in a container with a lid to keep them moist, rinsing at least once a day. This is my second day sprouting this batch.


  • Water, not too much
  • Salt
  • Broccoli equitable to one crown, chopped
  • Four collard leaves turning yellow, ends discarded and chopped. I keep my stems, why waste good food?
  • One medium potato chopped, for smoothness
  • A good handful of sprouted lentils
  • Another good handful of raw sunflower seeds
  • Nutritional yeast
Simmer everything except for the nutritional yeast because heat will destroy the B vitamins in the yeast. When things are tender but not falling apart puree the soup in batches. Keep the center portion out of your blender lid and use a towel to cover it. Watch out for steam! After the soup is smooth taste for salt adjustment then add nutritional yeast to taste. Ladle up, adding more nutritional yeast as a garnish if wanted.

BuggaBoo likes it, Doozer loves it, and I'm hoping to make it again soon. Yum! This is obviously vegan but also gluten free, so all ya'll of my friends that have a hard time finding good quick gluten free recipes, try this out. Tell me how you like it.

BuggaBoo was excited to eat his soup with a straw. He also requested nutritional yeast, Diaya cheese, AND a spoon.

Because everything tastes better with more stuff. This is the first time we've ever owned Diaya cheese, it was purchased for a date and we're so stingy with any processed vegan faux food that we still have some left, even after making a pizza with the leftovers. BuggaBoo is, of course, in love with. It's okay, it's stringy like real cheese but not worth the cost, in my opinion.

So go look in your fridge at those languishing veggies and cook up an imaginative soup. Come on, I dare ya. You can even eat it with a straw if you want to.


  1. Might just have to try this sometime :)

    OH, and you'll be proud of me, i finally bought some nutritional yeast today!

    And if you ever want to do a post about the biscuits and gravy....i'd love you :D lol

  2. Hey, we are starting to use the diaya cheese too! when I get a craving for pizza, or lasagna, which can be a challenge with gluten and dairy free constraints.... he he ....

  3. Jillyn, I want to post my country gravy recipe soon. Stay tuned. And I'm sorry we accidentally took home all your cashews and pasta.

    Caroline, do you eat gluten and dairy free? I tired the Diaya again on baked potatoes and broccoli and it's not that bad. I think the trick is to cook it long enough so it's stretchy instead of gluey.

  4. That's where my cashews went LOL. It' ok, i just bought more. Can't wait for the recipe :D :D