Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sunday Update on Life

So, where to begin?

We recently started EC'ing with Doozer again. We promptly stopped after starting because life became hectic. However, she is now big enough to use a toilet seat insert and she loves it. As evidenced by this picture of her loving it:

And how about another one? This time, cute, chubby, nakey baby:

She still wets diapers at night but always pees and poos in the morning. She is, ah, demanding to use the potty about 60% of the time. It's been a lot easier using the seat insert rather than holding her over the sink.

A while ago The Hubby purchased a wagon and the kids love playing with it.

You may notice our kids are starkers a lot. Well, a lot of that is due to having to change or potty Doozer often, and BuggaBoo has been potty training all summer. He has a nearly perfect track record if he's naked from the waist down. This has apparently caused distress among some of the neighbors, since BuggaBoo will play in the front yard while in an undressed state. We live in a somewhat cul-de-sac produced by the apartment parking lot, so it's not like he's running around town like this. And last time I checked he was, uh, two. I don't know maybe I'm missing something. Dear Readers, what is your opinion on this? At what age does public nudity become a cultural sin? I'm feeling around 3.5 to 4 years old throw some clothes on the kid for normal play, and I'm okay with a 5 year old being naked for water play. What do you think?

Anyways, back to the cute happenings of my family.

Oh, this happened several weeks ago. Broke my heart.

I mean, how pathetic. I assure you I swiftly swept her into bed.

Buggaboo was so proud yesterday for reaching this screen in his game he made me take a picture of it.


And, I think that's it. So enjoy your Sunday, I hope it's a great one.


  1. haha, I was totally going to tease you and ask if you're kids are "always" running around naked, and then you brought it up! I think at age 2 that's fine. I know my little sister would streak quite a bit and my mom would have to run after her. Honestly, I don't think it's a problem, but after reading so many things about pedophiles (did you know there are websites that list the "best parks" to watch kids?? so sick) and being a super paranoid person, I might be a little uptight about running around the neighborhood like that, but I'd totally be fine with it in my home. I dunno, like I said...I'm paranoid of dirty, disgusting people. Otherwise, I think it just screams of innocence and childhood.

    Doozer is getting so dang big and I love those eyes!! Too cute. I think the whole ECing thing is so cool, but I just don't think I'd have the patience...heck, even the "routine" to do it. Props my friend. Miss you!

  2. Great post krista! Glad the ECing is going good again!!! and i love the picture of buggaboo's knees :) and his nakie one :)

    And i think kids 3.5-4 can be nakie too.

  3. Nica, I totally see your point. If we leave out little section of the parking lot I make him put something on his lower half. Down where we are there are 9 other apartments besides ours, and most everyone works during the day, so it's really quiet.

    Hi Jillyn! Thanks, I love the knee picture as well. Doozer's expression is the best.

  4. so mothering magazine recently had an article on EC so people are now sending in pictures of their kids ec-ing. you should send in the picture of doozer smiling!! it's too cute!

  5. your kids are ridiculously cute! Glad i found your blog. great recipes! thanks for posting on mine! will visit here often!


  6. Christina, thank you for you kind comment. I'm glad you stopped by for a visit. I hope you have a great day!

  7. Oh my gosh! Doozer is just so cute in that asleep photo! I will have to show you the identical photos I have of Ash and Az asleep on the floor on their faces, while on their knees! It is uncanny that both did it when they were little!
    As for the public nudity--he is 2! Get a grip people, a 2 yr old! It should not bother them, especially if he is just in your little end of the area. I say forget what others think. They can parent their kids how they want and you parent yours how you want. :-)

  8. I let my little guy run around naked, too (especially now that he's peeing in the toilet)!!! Thanks for the pics, Krista! I love them!

  9. Andrea, I love how she has her hands laced together. Aw! And I love to see your kid photos.

    Amanda, thanks! Isn't it great when they start potty training? It's a beautiful thing.