Sunday, October 24, 2010


I inherited some cast iron from various sources the last few years. My favorites are the frying pans and skillets that used to be my Grandpa's.

Anyway, they were all rusty when I got them. Well, I've been working on them this year and I'm glad to report that the pan I use the most has finally been seasoned to a non-stick surface.

I am so happy.


  1. Congratulations Krista? And which Grandpa?

  2. Mom's Dad. Maternal grandfather? Yup, that's the one.

  3. Ahhhh, cast iron. :) love it! And what marvelous goodies are you cooking up in yours? I made vegan gluten-free slow-rise pancakes in mine this morning (the first time in about a month we weren't scrounging for breakfast - really, it isn't that wonderful at my house all the time.)

  4. I was making pancakes as well! Mine were apple-y ones. But I have discovered that my cast iron cooks a perfect egg. Yum.

    I try to make large batches of pancakes and freeze them for quick meals, or for when I don't feel like cooking dinner for BuggaBoo.