Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Puppet Master

I'm still officially on my blogging break, but this was too cute not to commit to the blog.

Recently, as in about four days ago, BuggaBoo has fallen in love. Deeply, irrevocable in love (at least, until he's grown out of this stage).

He loves puppets. Specifically, Duck Puppet and Striped Sock Puppet.

Actually, he thinks of puppets as strange beings that are their own entities but have to be controlled by parents. They are his new best friends. He will tell the puppets anything.

He will do anything the puppets tell him to do.

Is he throwing a tantrum because his parents told he couldn't have candy AND chocolate pudding? Is that tantrum lasting longer than 45 minutes? Have the parents explained over and over again that he had a choice between the two and he chose candy and CANNOT HAVE PUDDING!? Well, Duck Puppet can tell him, and BuggaBoo will accept it. Just like that, all done, no more tantrum.

D0 we, the parents, want BuggaBoo to pee in the toilet even if he is wearing a diaper to catch accidents? Too bad, he won't. But if Duck Puppet asks him to, he's all over it.

BuggaBoo doesn't want to brush his teeth for bed? Sock Puppet can accomplish the feat with minimal protesting.

So we, the parents, are actually enjoying the Reign of the Puppets. At least we get to speak for the puppets.



  1. Sweet! I think we should try something like that here. I'm glad you have found such a handy tool for eliminating the tantrum.

  2. The Reign of the Puppets, adorable!!
    Wonderful that duck puppet, and striped sock puppet (LOVE those names) are proving so "handy" (haha, pun intentional!)

  3. This is awesome! I really find it rather hilarious actually :D I hope it lasts :D

  4. hmmmmm, yes, imaginary friends can get one's children to do many things.... :)

    hmmm, YES, I actually thought about whipping up a short black knit skirt just for today, one of those forever 21 length numbers which would actually be fine with leggings, but didn't have time to check my fabric stash ... And if I had black shorts, I totally would have done it, but all my shorts (except the magenta onesI wore yesterday) are really really worn out ... :( Shorts are definitely on the sewing radar for next summer, ...

  5. ROFL!! That is awesome!! Long live the puppets!