Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Quick One

Sorry, I haven't given you guys a real post in a long while, but life is, erm, complicated at the moment. Not complicated like, oh, I don't know, space aliens, but complicated like my brain is full and my mind wants to explode out my ears.

So, um, did I tell you guys I want to start a pattern line? I know I've told some of you, since about half the people who read this are family or close friends, but let's pretend we're all internet strangers. Yeah, I want to start my own pattern line of breastfeeding clothes. Which sounds simple enough, especially because I have some great ideas. But then I make things more complicated because "Oh, I should totally do some breastfeeding PLUS maternity wear, because I coulda used some of that during Doozer's pregnancy," and, "I absolutely have to add plus-sized patterns to my line because I have so many gorgeous luscious girls in my circle and they deserve hott clothes, too," and "Hey, I need to make a sloper that will work for the average postpartum body!" and then I have a minor anxiety attack. And that's not including all the business stuff I need to do.

So, simplify, right? As of now I'm attempting to make my trains of thought link up into one express line and travel in the same direction. I'm trying to focus on my pattern drafting class, especially because there isn't much of the semester left and the pattern I need to develop for my final is supposed to be the dress I want to wear for my sister-in-law's wedding that's in four weeks since I'm a matron-of-honor and HOLY CRAP WHAT AM I DOING ON THE INTERNET??!!!??!11??

Signing off.


  1. Ha ha, since I'm the token internet stranger I didn't know about this. I think it is a great idea!! I think I am probably past this point of life, but would have loved some cute stuff to wear, esp dresses for church, that were compatible with nursing ... It's such a time where you want to look nice but it is soooo hard ... I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Thanks, Caroline! I'm excited, too. Thank you for the kind encouraging words, I needed them today.

  3. WOOHOO I love you! I can't wait to have you make me clothes ...erm I meant Help you! =P

  4. lol, I am with Sarah! I would cannot wait to see what cute things you will create! :-)

  5. This was a funny post!
    I know what you mean though; sometimes when we over-think things we get what I call 'mini panic attacks' - just another way of saying, "How in the world am I going to do that?"
    Just pretend it's an elephant; and conquer it one bite at a time.