Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Shall I Sew?

We are so fortunate to have many friends that have given us hand-me-downs for the kiddos. We have boxes of kid clothes from newborn to ~3T for boys and girls. This is even after donating what we could not use.

However, we've discovered that Doozer's wardrobe, though not lacking in quantity, is lacking in diversity. The size she is now is basically all summer weight, and a very hot summer at that.

So the other night while BuggaBoo was painting I decided to do a little craft project of my own and stamp some deep brown knit:

Innit key-ute? Sorry for the horrible picture, is IS supposed to be pink diamonds with white "stitching". I forgot to take a picture in natural light, so this is with the flash, yuck.

The design was super easy to stamp. I have some lame dollar store sponges that are foam instead of cellulose (ugh). Since I prefer the cellulose sponges for my dishes, so I decided to use the foam ones for craft use. I cut a diamond shape and stamped out the pink diamonds. After they were dry I came back and "stitched" in the white. I mixed my pink acrylic paint with fabric medium, but I didn't want to go to the trouble with my white. I've noticed that, for my needs, fabric medium isn't necessary. It may fade after a few washing but then the design will just have that coveted vintage feeling.

I was sure to stamp this far enough from the bottom of the fabric I can use it for anything. I am going to have the argyle going across her chest. Any article of clothing I make will be winter appropriate with long sleeves. So, what shall I sew with it? Below is a poll, please use liberally. And if you want to comment, do so! I love hearing from my minions, I mean, readers.

What Type of Clothing Does Doozer Need?


  1. I think a tunic would be *adorable* :) Especially with leggings :) You're so crafty Krista! i'm gonna have to have some fun painting stuff for our rainbow girl....

  2. Wow, when I first saw the pic I thought you were re-purposing some argyle fabric. Then I started reading the tutorial and thought to myself, "Isn't she talented?!"

  3. I said tunic and leggings, but you should do tunic and babylegs, then you can still EC through the winter. :)

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Hmm, babylegs. That's a good idea. I'll think about that! Maybe I can make them footed babylegs to keep her little toes warm.