Tuesday, January 5, 2010

*Bugged-Out Eyes*

Okay, yes, I'm back and it hasn't been a week. Go ahead and laugh.

A little preface to this post, The Hubby and I are people watchers. Some people watch birds, some are all about whales, we stick close to home and watch people. And comment on them. A lot. Our favorite hunting ground is the grocery store. I seriously think you can learn a lot about people by seeing what's in their cart. For example, I'm about able to, 85% of the time, pick out families on WIC because of what is in their cart. It's not hard, if it's full of eggs, milk, cheese, and juice you've probably got a WICer.

So I had to blog about this. Even though it is probably rude and lowbrow of me. Because The Hubby and I could not stop staring.

We went grocery shopping tonight to pick up a few staples and fresh food. The guy in front of us in line bought these items:

Ice cream Drumsticks
Three Tortino's Pizzas
Those little Hot-Pocket snack-things filled with pizza filling
A 24 pack of Mountain Dew
A 24-oz bottle of Mountain Dew
BBQ Beef Hot Pockets
A large package of cheese sticks
Lunch meat
A brick of cheese
Two or three other packets of cheese
A loaf of french bread
Pork sausage wrapped in pancakes ON A STICK
Microwavable monkey bread

I mean, holy cow! I'm sorry if this doesn't seem crazy to you guys, but all this man is living on is pop, ice cream, meat, cheese, and white flour. And a lot of fat. And I think it was doubly sad because this is what we bought:

Three types of whole wheat pasta
Dried chickpeas
Bulk garlic powder
Brick of tofu
Toasted sesame oil
Whole wheat bread

I'm not trying to have a holier-than-thou attitude about my food. It was just a bit funny to see his purchases and our purchases side by side on the conveyor belt. And, seriously, we just couldn't stop staring. Could not!

Okay, got that off my chest. You'll probably be hearing from me soon.


  1. HAHA! I feel better now because I do that all the time! And I "one-up" people in my mind too because I always have better food on the conveyer belt. It makes me feel good to know I'm feeding my family so healthfully. :) I even wrote about my "better than thou" attitude about food on my blog yesterday!

    You rock, Mama. I certainly appreciate hearing about a mama who feeds her family healthfully & I thank you for your contribution to the betterment of society!

  2. Aw, you're making me blush! I was so proud of BuggaBoo today, I quick-soaked some of the chickpeas for soup today and he was snacking on them raw. Gotta love the veg kids!

    Your blog is so interesting! I didn't know you were veg. Actually, I know you're an Andaluz momma, but I don't know which one. Sorry!

  3. I'm Alis. I just posted the LONG request for advice about preparing to TTC. :)

  4. It's ok Krista, i people watch too.

  5. I learned this at church last Sunday; it was regarding depression in women: "When we compare ourselves to others either we will become depressed because we don't measure up, or we elevate ourselves to pride because we thing we are better than them - either place is not a good place to be."
    Just for the record, I'm a people watcher too.

  6. Everyone- Whew, glad I'm not the only people watcher!

    Mom- great information to keep in mind. I try to not be prideful in a way that makes me feel I'm better than others. Especially because I don't like it when others treat me that way. But I do feel pride that I'm doing the best for myself and my family, that I'm doing a good job. Does that make sense?

    Okay everyone, back to watching people!