Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vegan Burn-out

So as I've previously stated I'm a vegan. I'm not the best vegan. Let's say I have vegan ideals that I strive for and I repent when I slip up.

For instance I had two Big Macs at the beginning of this pregnancy. I know that the knee-jerk reaction is to say "Well, obviously there was something in that meat that you needed for the Baby, so you ate it." I also know diet and cravings aren't as all clear-cut as that. However, if I were to not eat the Big Mac and then have something Go Wrong I would feel awful, even if the thing that Went Wrong wasn't diet related. I can deal with vegan guilt better than dealing with mother guilt.

The last two weeks or so I have been feeling vegan burn-out. I'm not sure why, however. I don't mind cooking vegan, that's not a hardship for me. Everything we buy is vegan so it's a no-brainer to throw together a vegan meal. And I'm not craving meat, dairy, or eggs, so that's not the problem either. It's not really about eating out because there are some cheap vegan options around here and some not-so-cheap ones if I want to spend the money.

And it's not about changing feelings towards animal rights. I still feel the same about how I think animals should be treated. It's not like I've changed my mind about that.

So, why am I feeling burnt out about this? I really don't know. Probably something to do with being close to the end of the pregnancy. It's so easy to blame any emotional or physical upheaval on pregnancy. Sorry, this is an uninformative post. I just wanted to put it out there that I was feeling this way in case any other veg*n did. Guess what, I'm sure it's normal.

My answer for my life is to plug away and hope that my interest in veganism will spark again. I think that's how it is for most things that are important in life. Sometimes you won't want to be with your children. Sometimes you may not want to go to work. You might not be excited about much in your life. Take a deep breath, understand the cyclic nature of humans, and stick it out if it's your true belief.


  1. babe, if you're going to go off vegan, I'm not sure a Big Mac was the way to do it. :o)

    I think being vegan is a lot like any other diet where you leave stuff out. Whether it's meat, sugar, wheat, whatever. Sometimes, it's just hard to put forth the extra effort or you just will scream if you don't get what you're craving. I don't think that means your body needs the meat. We just live in this insane culture where food is instant, packaged, processed and meant to be as easy to obtain as possible. It freaks me out when I realize how many things I put into my body in a single day that I have no idea what is in them or how it's made. Why is that normal??

  2. Nica, now when I think of the Big Macs I gag. Yuck.

    Additives worry me. Yeah, that about sums it up. And though it may be normal it's not natural. Another yuck.

  3. You know, it really just boils down to control. You weren't out of control when you had the Big Macs; you just made a choice to eat them. The world didn't come crashing to an end and you got on with your life. I think you're right, sometimes we just get in slumps about all sorts of things in our life. The honesty of your posts are refreshing; there's no fake, artificial in you. Hmmmm, if I gobble you up with kisses, would it be good for me? I say yes!

  4. Aw, Mom, thanks! I think control is a big deal. I did make a CHOICE and that's why I don't feel so bad about it.

    You like my honesty? That's good, I have a few doozies that have been cooking in my brain...