Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been really busy the last few days, but not much to blog about. Mostly just making sure my family is well-fed and working on a few projects. I have a couple Montessori tutorials in the works but you're going to have to wait until I can find my hole puncher.

In the meantime I wanted to direct you guys to one of my new favorite blogs, Blue Like Alis. She's proclaimed January "Stay-at-Home Mom Appreciation Month", which just tickles me down to my toes. She has some great insightful posts on being a SAHM. So check her out!

Have a great day.


  1. Sweet! That gave me warm fuzzies. :)

  2. A good blog. I know as a SAHM I devoured any book or other material that helped me in my journey. The rewards of being home with your children are too numerous to count, but some days you just shut the door to your bedroom, sit against it so your children can't come in, and............cry.

  3. DW- I'm glad! You give me warm fuzzies, too.

    Mom- I hope we didn't give you too many of those crying days. But with six of us the odds were probably pretty high. Sorry.