Monday, January 18, 2010

It's the Final Countdown!

Yesterday marked my 36th week of pregnancy, which means I have Four. Weeks. Left. Another thing that started yesterday is contractions. No, not active labor, but pre-labor. Some may call it false labor, but these (nearly) painless contractions do an important job of toning the uterus and getting the body and baby ready for birth.

So, based on my experience with BuggaBoo I have about 3-4 weeks left of this pregnancy.

And the countdown begins...


  1. Pre-labor started earlier for me each time. With Lilybug it lasted for a month and a half and I was still 4 days early with her!
    But mine were painful, so as long as yours are painless I say each contrax you have now is one less you have to have later!

  2. I hope more contractions now equal less later. I had labor on and off for THREE days with BuggaBoo. Less labor would be nice.

    I'm mentally prepared for this one to be late as well. It's just that four weeks is such a nice round number...

  3. Loved your 'final countdown' video; it was hysterical. The counting down for Baby is on all of our minds. I pray every night for you and Baby to be safe.