Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day in My Life

I decided to journal my day yesterday and put it up here. This is a typical yet not typical day for me.

9:30 Wake up, nurse BuggaBoo. Design clothes in my head

10:00 Get out of bed. Change BuggaBoo's diaper and dress him. Dress myself.

10:15 General clean-up, including taking care of sewing mess from previous day

10:30 Wash dishes

11:15 Pick up daycare kid from bus

11:30 Quick-soak garbanzo beans. More general clean-up. Make small talk with The Hubby. Get on the internet to get my Facebook fix.

12:40 Get garbanzo beans into crockpot for dinner tonight.

12:45 Make dough for pitas and loaves of bread. Includes grinding some split peas into flour to use in bread and kneading time. Leave dough to rise. Semi-clean the kitchen.

1:30 Read books to the kids.

2:00 Put BuggaBoo down for a nap. Be interrupted by the UPS guy bringing school books for The Hubby.

2:15 Come out of bedroom after BuggaBoo falls asleep, find that daycare kid fell asleep, rejoice.

2:20 Punch down pita dough, form into balls. Let dough rest. Preheat oven for pitas. Wash and stab eggplant, put into oven to roast for dinner tonight.

2:30 Think of an awesome blog post entitled "A Day in the Life Of Krista" and start typing it out.

3:00 Start baking the pitas while chatting with The Hubby. Eat a pita for, um, quality control! Yeah, that's it… Couldn't detect a difference from the split pea flour, which was ½ cup to 2 ½ cups whole wheat flour with a little gluten flour added to make up the missing gluten. Score! Punch down bread dough.

4:00 Welcome hubby home from school.

4:15 Punch down bread dough. Let dough rest. Start on cooking dishes while having a discussion about natural birth with The Hubby.

4:30 Shape bread dough into loaves. Freak out over appearance of weevil larva.

4:45 Save BuggaBoo from the bedroom since his nap was over. Take the roasted eggplant out of the oven (no, it hasn't been roasting this whole time, but it was a convenient place to keep it) and make baba ganouj.

5:00 While preparing baba ganouj call a friend and try to set up a babysitter for tonight for impromptu date.

5:30 Get a call from a different friend, chat while preparing garbanzos and grinding some sesame seeds for later.

6:00 Get off the phone, get BuggaBoo ready to go to the babysitter's, resign myself to not getting pretty for the date. Send daycare kid home.

6:30 Take the kid over to the babysitters, go on the date. This includes going to the video rental store to get "9", going out to eat Thai food, going to a natural food store and picking up a quart of chocolate-peanut butter soy ice cream, then heading home and watching the moving while gorging on ice cream.

10:30 Go pick up BuggaBoo from the babysitter's.

11:00 Go to bed.

So if you ever wonder what a stay-at-home mom does this should give you an idea. Hope you enjoyed a peek into my life.


  1. My goodness women did you sit down at all?? And peeing doesn't count!
    Whew I'm exhausted just reading that!
    And honestly a wee bit jealous. I need to get back into baking bread.

  2. lol, Facebook Fix.....

    You are so productive! You seriously are super women.

    Now, which 9 was this, the cartoon or the musical, i get them mixed up.....
    <3 your sisTar

  3. Faedemere- I did sit down, I'm super addicted to the computer. And it's not like I work like this every day.

    Jillyn- It was the cartoon "9". It was okay but we felt it could have used more depth.

  4. Yeah, totally. At the end you're all "huh????" Totally could have done better.

    And jay was upset that there was not a single Coheed and Cambria song in the movie (the trailer had one). He was disappointed.

  5. Great idea, Krista! I may have to steal that one from you sometime.

    I made garbanzos today too but we ate them in bowls in their own broth with sides of celery sticks & tortilla chips. Mmm, they were so good but now my stomach is complaining. I don't do well eating legumes. I even cooked them with a bit of Kombu & that was after I soaked them all day too. Oh well.

    Thanks for the peek into your life!

  6. Seems that stay at home moms keep busy all day, but somehow we sometimes feel like we've accomplished nothing. You did so much, but one might think it's nothing. After all, feeding a family healthy food, interacting with your children and husband, and mothering someone else's child on the side aren't actually *real* accomplishments (so say the 'enlightened' of the world). I disagree, however. I feel that within the day-to-day of our lives there develops responsible, nurturing, caring adults (you) and children (your child). The daily *sameness* is actually what brings us a sense of peace when we think back on our childhoods; being nurtured has lasting value. Good for you and all the other stay-at-home moms.

  7. dw- Mmm, that sounds good. I've found if I take the dried beans, boil them for a few minutes, let them soak for an hour, and then drain and rinse I have a lot less "digestive disturbances". And I would love to see a day in your life!

    Mom- This may be me overreaching my boundaries, but I feel part of the decline of "society" is the lack of realization of how much SAHMs do. Is it really important to cook bread from scratch? No. But I like the lessons it teaches my child and it makes me feel good. And routine makes things so much easier for BuggaBoo. Not that every day is the same, but there is a rhythm to his life that helps him anticipate and know what is going to happen.

    It is funny how many people I've ran into that think it's nothing to take in a few daycare kids if you're a SAHM because "you're not doing a whole lot anyways." I was listening to Dr. Laura a while back and a dad called in and wanted his wife to do daycare. Dr. Laura asked him why he wanted his wife to work, and he didn't really have an answer. He didn't see it as work because she would stay in her own home. But once you are paid you are somebody else's. And that makes all the difference.