Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not Dead, Not in Labor...

My computer caught a virus and died. I think we got it from Facebook. If you catch a virus from a social networking site does that make it a computer STD?

It's actually been really nice not having the computer eating my life. I honestly can say I'm not sad the computer is still dead. I'm writing on The Hubby's laptop (okay, it belongs to both of us, but it's mostly for his use) but it's too much of a "hassle" to plug in the internet to do it very often.

I've missed blogging a lot, but strangely enough I don't miss Facebook. And not just because it gave my computer a skeezy disease. I was on there about 10-15 times a day keeping tabs on everybody and making several status updates. It was so bad that I started thinking about events in my life AS status updates. How best to compress this aspect of my life into 1-3 sentences. Sad. So I may do as my brother and sister-in-law and take an extended Facebook vacation. I can't just let go completely because that's how we're going to keep people updated on the birth. What will probably happen is we just won't set up the "real" computer and continue to use the lap top. Annoying enough to keep my off Facebook, but there when I want to blog.

The best part of this is re-discovering BuggaBoo. He's been going through a very needful phase. Once I got off the life vampire, I mean, computer, I realized that he needed me, he didn't need to learn as much patience as I wanted him too. And with fulfilling his needs I've noticed he doesn't have as many. He's actually started playing by himself, and not because I make him. He wants to. So I'm taking the next few weeks to enjoy my one-baby-life before round two. Expect to hear a lot of rambles on motherhood.

And now, I'm going outside to play because my toddler asked me to. Have a great and family-involved night.


  1. I have been pondering a similar move myself. I spend SO much time on the computer that I know I am not giving the kids the attention that they really need. Ironically, should I actually spend time with them like I should they would willingly give me the time to do things like homework without as much fighting. Instead I waste time on Facebook, clicking on all those stupid little games, and composing the latest life moments as status updates. I used to actually write blog posts, but then Facebook took over my life...

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of limiting FB. Not that it's wrong for you, I'm speaking of myself. I do spend loads of time on there. Mostly though, if I had someone to hang out with during the day, I can guarantee you I would not be online at all. It's difficult to find people to interract with in person during the day because most people either work, go to school, or already have a rhythm for their day. Facebook is the thing that keeps me sane sometimes. I feel like it is the closest that I get to connecting with people. Not that it is ideal, however until I can find a regular rhythm for myself that includes communal interraction during the day, I don't think I'm quite ready to give it up. Oh, & I don't use most of the game aps on FB anymore. Once I had more than 200 friends it was just impossible to keep track of anything more than pics, status updates, links & notes. So I stick mainly with those now.

  3. I'm having similar feelings of cutting loose the FB ties. I don't feel that I abuse the use of it, but I've discovered that I'm *sad* if people don't notice me. I'm not talking about my children and very closest friends. I'm talking about the ones I've re-connected with, or extended family. So I think to myself, "Self, you already are in contact with the ones you communicate with on FB, so why even do it?" And that's the point I'm at. If I can figure out how to get some things off of there (pictures and such)I'll probably just stick with the blogs my children have started up. They're much more entertaining anyways. I do have to say, though, that a childhood friend found me on FB and just posted some pictures from the 60's. It was weird seeing a picture of myself that I didn't even know existed. That was fun.

  4. DW- I do like the fact that I can keep in contact with other adults during the day with Facebook, but with me it was becoming an obsession and I was neglecting BuggaBoo's needs. If I can find a good balance that would be great!

    Mom- I know that "sad" feeling you're talking about. It's a little like middle school, isn't it? I love the fact that it makes it easy to share pictures. And you should start up a blog, I would love to read that.

  5. Geoffrie- I can understand why it would hard that the only time you get on the computer is for homework and not play. I know for myself I try to do the fun stuff after BuggaBoo goes to bed, but strangely these days my bedtime seems to be the same as his...